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Helpful Advice on Whether to Purchase a Car or Not

For people that live in rural areas, owning a car and driving it as a main source of day-to-day transportation is necessary. Rural communities may not have much in the way of public transportation. For people that live in a more urban setting, even in smaller cities, there are often times a wealth of public transportation that can be used. Because there are multiple forms of public transportation in urban areas, the people that reside in these areas often don’t own a car.

Scheduling and Freedom

The question that people who live in urban settings have is what are there benefits and the downsides to owning a vehicle? While a lot of public transportation is a good thing, a person is inevitably going to be at the mercy of scheduling. If there are delays, public transportation may not be the most punctual way to get around if a person needs …


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Driving

Many people never get behind the wheel of a car, as they simply feel the negatives outweigh the positives. They may believe they don’t have the funds needed to own and operate a car, they may be scared of being hurt or hurting someone else or they might simply lack the desire to drive. For others, it’s a matter of lacking the time needed to learn how to drive and then taking the test.

In fact, some people actually get their driver’s license and then never make use of it. For most, however, getting a driver’s license is a means to independence and they cannot wait for the day they achieve their goal. Why is driving good in the eyes of many and bad in the minds of others?

The Positives

Freedom is the main reason many people opt to get a driver’s license. They want to be able to …